So Many Excuses. So Little Time.

Don't make excuses - make good [icons]. ~Elbert Hubbard

Icons- another excuse for getting nothing done.
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Multifandom icons. Snaggable with credit. Comments appreciated.

Hello there! Welcome aboard our multifandom journal. Have spaces on your userpics page you don't know how to fill? Pull up the captain's chair, click around, and if you see something you like simply snag it (RIGHT CLICK SAVE). Don't forget to give us credit when you use it. Leave us a comment too. We love comments. :)

Watch us, join us, and we'll skip hand in hand through a virtual field of lovely screencaps and stock photos and play with Photoshop, Fireworks, GIMP and whatever other program we can get our hands on.

Now that you've met us, you have No Excuse for not having cool icons.

Interested in posting icons? Join us by clicking here and make at post! It is that easy! Don't forget to take a look at this entry first!

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